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PostNet Packing Guidelines

PostNet has the Shipping Online Self-Service for our customers to ship Anything to Anywhere in any part of the world. Before going on to the Shipping Online Self-Service, please go through our packaging guidelines and standards to enable safe packaging of your goods and to avoid unnecessary delays. The Shipping Online Self-Service provides basic warranty for all goods that are properly boxed, packaged, cushioned and labelled in an acceptable standard as detailed below.

1. BOXES for Shipment

  • Using new boxes for goods that are meant for shipment are acceptable and preferable.
  • If a re-used box is used, make sure it is rigid and in excellent condition.
  • For goods weighing more than 10 kg, a heavy duty box with double layered board is necessary.
  • Refrain from using thin plastic bags, fabric/cloth, or miscellaneous boxes that are weak or damaged.

Guidelines for Standard Box

  • The box must be able to carry the weight and size of the goods.
  • The box must also be able to include space for cushioning material.
  • Do not overload the box beyond what it can carry. If needed it is advised to use more than one box.

2. Cushioning Material For Packaging

  • Bubble wrap or foam wrap are ideal for wrapping packages.
  • Any loose space in the box must be filled with "peanuts" or foam.
  • Do not use paper (magazine/newspaper, shredded paper), clothing (towel, blanket) or anything similar as cushioning material.

Guidelines to a well Cushioned Package

  • Item should be away from all sides and the top and bottom of the box.
  • Item should not move when the box is shaken.
  • Item with sharp points and edges should be fully secured and protected.

Closure of Package

  • DO NOT use sticky or scotch tape, duct tape, masking tape, or string.
  • Close the box with packaging tape round the sides and the top & bottom flaps of the box.

Documents Preparation

  • Print out the Shipping Online Self-Service labels and properly secure them by taping them on the package.
  • Place the consignment label neatly on top of the package.
  • When a re-used box is used, make sure all old bar-code labels and address labels are properly removed.


  • "Fragile" and "Handle with Care" labels are for information purpose only. They are not a substitute for proper and careful packaging.
  • It is also advised that a copy of the label or any form of identification of your particulars is to be placed inside the package in case during the handling of your package, your consignment label comes off the package.