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Franchise that provides Graphic Design & Web Services, Printing & Finishing Services, Packing & Shipping Services, Mailbox Rental Services and Business Solutions for businesses.

PostNet has been franchising since 1993 and has nearly 750 locations, nearly 300 in the United States and the balance in Australia, South Africa, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Panama and Venezuela.

PostNet operates — printing, marketing, packing & shipping, business services and private mailbox rental services — have a combined value of more than $380 billion. A PostNet franchise owner can offer all of the popular pack-and-ship services while also competing head-to-head with a full-scale printing franchise with just a fraction of the investment.

What is a PostNet Neighbourhood Business Centre? For instance, we help customers send packages using all major carriers — FedEx, DHL, TNT, and Local Courier Services. We can ship pretty much anything to anywhere — but that’s only part of what we offer. PostNet Neighbourhood Business Centres also offer full-service digital printing. We provide everything from wedding invitations and graduation announcements to business cards, brochures, flyers, catalogues, posters, banners and vehicle graphics. We also offer marketing solutions including direct mail, email marketing, website creation, business services and private mailboxes rental services.

PostNet’s shipping partnerships also fuel the growth of its printing operations. PostNet is an authorised shipping partners for FedEx, DHL, TNT and Local Courier Service Providers. That makes us an incredibly convenient spot for people who need to ship packages, and the shipping partner’s website list us as their drop-off locations — directing their customers to our Franchisees’ front doors. Once a customer walks in, they discover a world of services.

Consider the lifestyle. Unlike many franchise opportunities, PostNet Neighbourhood Business Centres operate during normal business hours. A typical PostNet location is open from 8.30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday. Franchisees enjoy a business with a lot of potential, and they get to have a life outside their business, too.

Starting and growing a small business isn’t easy. As a PostNet franchisee, you have support and proven systems from a headquarters team with business experiences. Most small business owners have skills and professionalism — but they often lack the knowledge and skills to effectively market themselves and grow their business. PostNet Franchisees are able to leverage the training and tools offered by the PostNet system to help entrepreneurial clients grow their businesses.

And as those businesses grow, they order more and more products and services from our Franchisees. It’s a virtuous business cycle!

PostNet is more than a printing franchise. We’re a shipping franchise, too, and that adds another dimension of service for our customers. Our shipping services provide security and save business owners time.

PostNet is an authorised shipping agent of FedEx, DHL, TNT and local courier service providers. Customers can visit PostNet to ship packages using any of those services, which saves business owners from making multiple trips to access different shipping options.

We also offer secure private mailboxes that provide a professional business address for home-based businesses, and enables customers to reliably receive deliveries from services like DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, CourierPlease, Fastway, E-Go and Local Courier Service Providers. The mailboxes also ensure that important packages are never sitting unsecured on a doorstep or in a hallway. PostNet customers can also receive alerts when a package has arrived.

PostNet provides digital printing, branding, marketing and shipping services. We offer a huge menu of services — but don’t be intimidated: We use in-house equipment and expertise to fulfil many customer orders, but we also have close relationships with vendors throughout the country, which allows us to offer the broad spectrum of services you see below. We also provide Franchisees with sophisticated tools, including an online print centre, that make it simple to handle orders, as well as an online print centre that allows customers to purchase services 24/7. Our overall mission is to ensure that when customers come to you for a solution, you have the tools to get it done. Here are some of the services we offer:

Digital Print

  • Business Identity (letterhead, business cards, envelopes, stationery, labels)
  • Business Form Printing (receipts, carbonless forms, contracts, invoices)
  • Marketing Materials (postcards, self-mailers, tent/rack cards, flyers, catalogues, brochures, door hangers)
  • Large-Format Printing (posters, banners, signs, trade show displays, window clings, car magnets, vehicle decals, yard signs). Promotional Products (magnets, stickers, pens, notepads,calendars, bookmarks)
  • Hardcover, Comb or Wire Binding (for books, presentations and manuals)
  • Stapling and Folding (for booklets, brochures and newsletters)
  • Newsletter Printing, Design and Mailing Services
  • Laminating Services (luggage tags, outdoor signs, business cards, report covers)
  • Business Greetings (event invitations, announcements and custom holiday cards)
  • Wedding Printing (invitations, RSVP cards, place cards, photo books)
  • Custom Invitations and Announcements (births, graduations, anniversaries, birthdays)
  • Memories (photo books, custom calendars, photo enlargements)





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What Are the Startup Costs?


PostNet offers a unique combination of high-demand mailing & shipping, as well as document services and finishing. Some of the points of differentiation that favor PostNet are:
  • PostNet Business Centre are located closer to where customers live and work on the interior of neighbourhoods and in convenient retail locations.
  • PostNet's franchisee owner operators allow for higher level of service and convenience for customers.
  • PostNet offers a multi-carrier selection as a FedEx,DHL and TNT authorised ship centre. In essence, PostNet services customers that are loyal to all three of the major brands and offers a complete line of postal services. PostNet is supported on the FedEx and DHL locator systems and these companies send their customers to PostNet Centres. Being a multi-carrier allows PostNet to offer a more diverse offering and with our complete business services offering, PostNet is the complete package one-stop centre for small business and has a higher level of service.
  • PostNet's store design, proprietary signage, and merchandising sets us apart by creating a bright, professional, and user-friendly environment that is engineered to be both efficient and effective in delivering a great shopping experience for PostNet customers.
There is a competitive market for PostNet's products and services because the market is huge. The overall market for shipping and mailing services is over $170 billion dollars strong and the growing documents services market represents another $100 billion dollars. With PostNet's store design, programs and services, along with the best franchisees in the business, PostNet competes very well in the marketplace. PostNet serves the fastest growing segment of business today; the small and micro businesses including Small Office Home Office (SOHO) workers, home based businesses, retail and service businesses, and road warriors (traveling business people).
  • PostNet is a retail and service business, and as such we are looking for people with outgoing personalities that would do an excellent job of representing the brand and their business to the public.
  • On a financial level, a potential PostNet franchisee must have a net worth of at least $200,000.00 and be (or be able to become) liquid for a minimum of $150,000.00. If a prospective franchisee meets these qualifications along with having a good credit score and history

Yes. PostNet has long term relationships and national contracts with all three major carriers (FedEx, DHL and TNT) that provide various benefits, significant discounts on ground and air services. These relationships allow the carriers to use PostNet's prime retail locations as a delivery system for their services and products to the public and it also allows PostNet franchisees to profit and benefit from offering "Fortune 100" company services through their locations.

PostNet's marketing programs include:
  • Local programs, which the franchisees utilise to build and develop awareness and loyalty with current customer base.
  • Regional and cooperative advertising, where PostNet franchisees get together with other franchisees and leverage their strength in numbers.
  • National programs that are conducted by the PostNet National Advertisement Fund.

Also, PostNet is the only company in the industry that offers a first-year managed marketing program that includes both consumer advertising and business-to-business advertising to help develop an initial customer base and momentum for the growth of the business.

The PostNet investment is made up of three primary components:
  • The franchise fee, which covers all of the initial assistance for store opening along with the training, education, franchise support and rights to use the brand over the 10-year term of the franchise agreement. The franchise fee is $48,000. Unlike other competitors, PostNet's franchise fee is inclusive, therefore there are no other significant tuitions, construction management or other fees that are added on top of the franchise fee.
  • The PostNet Centre Development fee. This fee covers the store Fitouts, initial inventory supplies, fixtures and other items necessary to get the store up and running. PostNet's Centre Development package fee is $100,000 to $150,000 depends on location and size.
  • The operating, working and start-up capital. This amount is approximately $60,000 and would cover costs like initial advertising, monies available to the owner operator to cover the negative cash flow during the start-up period.
PostNet's royalty, which covers the on-going service and support of our stores, is 5% of the gross sales of the business. As a result of the royalty, the store owner receives access to the "franchisee website" and PostNet's on-going world class service and support. The national advertising contribution is 2%, which helps support a number of national advertising campaigns on an annual basis as well as locator systems, cooperative activities and other system-wide advertising and marketing initiatives.
No. A franchisee may sell at any time, however the incoming franchisee must have the 'approval' of the franchisor.
Every business entails risk. However franchised business has a far greater success rate than stand alones because the concept has been proven many times over and centralised resources are available that few individual businesses could afford.
The financial return you will realise as an owner of any small business will depend on many factors including, but not limited to, how well you perform and follow the franchise system, local economics and costs, competition, and how aggressively you market yourself and your business. Starting a new business always carries some level of risk, so we encourage you to speak with our franchisees to learn about their experience and satisfaction with the business, including the financial performance of their own franchise. By speaking with franchisees you will be able to understand the potential of the business and what is necessary to be successful.
PostNet only grants franchises to individuals that are planning on being involved initially as a full-time owner operator. Long term, full-time ownership and operation of the centres are not required; however, initially it is critical because PostNet is a Neighbourhood Business Centre and it is up to the individual store owner to become actively involved in the community to promote the services and products offered.
PostNet is with you every step of the way, starting with location and finishing with the opening of your business. We have a full-service approach and it starts with our Real Estate Department working with you and local real estate professionals to identify every location in your market that meets PostNet's criteria. This criteria includes physical attributes of the locations, such as access, visibility, signage, tenant mix and traffic patterns. It also includes a demographic review looking at the population and makeup of the trade area around the proposed location. Ultimately, the location is selected by the franchisee with PostNet's assistance, and then it is up to PostNet to approve your site. Once the location is identified, PostNet offers assistance through the lease negotiation and culminating in the execution of a lease for your new business location.
This depends on the size and nature of the franchise chosen, and the franchisee's talents, willingness and commitment to closely follow the system's proven business formula. However note that under the Franchise code of conduct, franchisors are not permitted to make representations regarding returns. Typically you can get the best idea from other franchisees in the system and the franchisor is required to provide you with a list of contact.
Yes. Initially an owner operator of a franchise will typically have one (1) to two (2) Casual / Part-time or Full-time staff members to help with the operation of the store. As the business grows, and you build a customer base, more employees and staff will be needed. Our highest volume locations have four (4) to six (6) full-time staff members including the franchisee.
Typical hours of a PostNet Business Centre begin between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. and close between to 5:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Most stores do not open on Saturday, Sunday or Public Holidays.
The average center is 50 to 150 sq. metre; however, we have centres as small as 20 sq. m. and also larger stores that range upwards to 200 sq. metre. The PostNet concept is flexible and the size of your centre will depend not only on your plans, but also on what size locations are available in your local market.
Once a franchise agreement is signed, the typical time needed to get a centre open is approximately 90 to 270 days. This depends much on the real estate that is identified.
When you receive our Franchise Information Kit and Disclosure Document, you will also find a copy of PostNet’s Investigation Guide. This will explain our franchisee selection process in much more detail. Should you decide to enter the process, you will participate in a series of informative discussions and receive materials along the way that will illustrate the strength and value of the PostNet organisation and franchise opportunity. This 4 – 6 week process will ultimately culminate in a "Discovery Day" meeting at PostNet Australia Headquarters in Sydney, where we will come to a mutual conclusion about whether or not there is a good fit for you and the company. If you like what you see so far and would like to enter the process, please fill-out the Franchise Application Form and we will be in touch with you shortly.


PostNet offers consultative, personal design services that help our clients create a brand identity that will make them stick out in the minds of customers.

We start each graphic design job with an initial consultation to determine:
  • The business or organisation’s values and goals
  • The target audience for designs or printed pieces
  • How the logo or printed materials will be used
We then work with the client to create:
  • The best logos for a new business or organisation
  • Logo re-creation (if they have an existing logo but don’t have access to the original files)
  • Professional business cards, letterhead and stationery, as well as marketing materials to match, from flyers and brochures to posters and banners


PostNet partners with all major shipping carriers. We were one of the original pioneers of the authorised shipping programs with DHL, FedEx, TNT and Local Courier Service Providers.

We offer:
  • TNT and Local Courier Service Providers nationwide ground shipping. A cost-effective, environmentally friendly option.
  • FedEx, DHL and TNT air shipping. We offer same day, overnight domestic and international air shipping.* (*same day service availability varies by location.)
  • FedEx, DHL, TNT and Local Courier Service Providers drop-off packages. We accept pre-labelled packages for the major carriers.
  • Freight and logistics. We can ship everything from cars to valuable artwork

Safe, secure mailbox rentals

PostNet Private Mailboxes provide a secure alternative to mail delivery at your home or business and a professional-looking street address — not just a P.O. Box number — for home-based businesses.
Advantages include:

  • A street address means PostNet can accept packages from DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS.
  • Home-based businesses can easily keep business mail separate from personal mail.
  • We let customers know by email, phone or SMS when items arrive.
  • Some locations have 24-hour access. During business hours, someone is always there to accept mail and packages.

You don’t need a background in graphic design or digital printing to succeed with PostNet. You don’t need years of shipping experience, either. Our franchise owners have diverse business backgrounds, and very few of them were in the printing or shipping business before joining the PostNet family.

PostNet’s systems enable you to provide a wide array of services and products to clients without needing to master every one. Our proprietary point of sale system allows you to recommend the best shipping option for customers based on the weight and size of their package, speed of delivery, and destination and is fully integrated with our print estimating and management platform. This enables our owners to develop a professional quote and quickly determine whether they can best meet their customers’ needs by providing in-house production or by working with an outsourced partner. While you and your employees will fulfil many jobs in the centre, outsourced partners are a valuable resource. PostNet head office has developed relationships with specialty trade printers across Australia to allow PostNet Franchisees to offer a wide range of services while keeping their overhead costs low and enjoying healthy profit margins. The relationships allow PostNet Franchisees to handle everything a small to medium-sized business needs for printing and marketing without needing to invest in specialised equipment.

The essential skills that go into running a PostNet print franchise are project management and business-to-business networking.

Project management:   PostNet print franchise owners manage dozens of jobs for clients each day — event tickets, postcard mailers, banners, signs and other items — so organisation is the key. Proofs must be created for clients, approved and completed. In addition to managing jobs done in-house, a PostNet owner must also send jobs to suppliers and stay on top of the status of those orders. We provide best-in-class systems and tools that help you handle the work-flow process to ensure that deadlines are met.

Business-to-business networking: Networking is essential to getting the word out and meeting prospective business clients. You don’t have to be a networking expert but you do have to be comfortable meeting people and telling them how you can help make it easier for them to the things they need done. PostNet print franchises can make life easier for businesses, but only if they know about the full breadth of our offerings and our great personal service.

We’re Business Behind The Business. That’s PostNet !


After developing hundreds of independent mail and parcel centers from 1983 to 1991, PostNet founders Steve Greenbaum and Brian Spindel launched the PostNet business service franchise in July of 1993 and have never looked back. The key differentiators between PostNet and other shipping franchise, copy franchise and print franchise competitors is the strength and diversification of our business model and our commitment to an open and inclusive culture and franchisee involvement in all aspects of the organisation.

  • Founder-Owned/Operated
  • Over 27 years industry experience
  • Over 750 Locations Worldwide
  • World Class Training/Support
  • Industry Leading Technology
  • Recognised Leaders in Franchise Community


Regardless of your background or experience, PostNet provides the training and support you will need to successfully operate your PostNet business services franchise. Our system ensures that you will start-up properly, transition quickly into effective day-to-day management and operations and ultimately learn how to focus on increasing sales and improving profitability as your business grows.

  • Financial/Business Planning
  • Site Selection/Lease Negotiation
  • Store Design/Installation
  • Comprehensive Training Program
  • Marketing/Advertising Support
  • Ongoing Business Support


PostNet Business Centres are typically located where small business people and busy consumers live and work. Successful PostNet Business centres can be found in smaller rural markets up to major metropolitan cities depending upon a variety of contributing factors.

  • Outstanding opportunities available in all major markets
  • Every franchisee receives a protected territory
  • No territory limitations on marketing to customers
  • Area Representative agreements available

PostNet Franchises Available

Single Unit Franchise

PostNet's Single Unit Franchise licence grants an individual or entity the right to own and operate an individual PostNet Business Centre in an approved business location.

Area Representative

PostNet's Area Representative licence grants an individual or entity the right to assist PostNet Australia in developing a specific exclusive territory. This includes support in recruiting new franchisees, securing new locations, coordinating the store development process and providing local training and pre-opening support to new franchisees. Whether you are interested in developing a Single Unit store, Multiple stores or an Entire Territory, we have the right opportunity for you.